100pcs Clear Acrylic French False Nail Half Tips Box Package

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100pcs Clear Acrylic French False Nail Half Tips Box Package


1. New and high quality

2. 10 different sizes Acrylic French False Nail Half Tips,  10pcs for each size (size 0 -9)

3. Suitable for nail extension with nail art decorations / nail gel / acrylic / etc.

4. Can add nail art decorations on the nails and design your own style and pattern

5. Easy to apply and hold with nail glue

6. Box package, easy to carry and store

7. For professional salon or home use


1. Material:Acrylic

2. Quantity:100pcs

3. Style:French

4. Type:Half Tips

5. Color:Clear

6. Package box size: 6.30 x 3.27 x 0.67 inch / 16 x 8.3 x 1.7 cm(L x W x H)

7. Weight:2.47oz/70g

Package includes:

1 x 100pcs Clear Acrylic French False Nail Half Tips Box Package

1 x Professional Nail Glue

1 x Plastic package box


Appearance of glue is various, random delivery


lois1593 says:

did not like as i said earlier, i’m trying different nail tips, and i did not like these, they reminded me of the tips you get in those acrylic kits, with the long nail bed, i personally don’t like them, i like the 1/4 nail bed, so that was my fault for not know how to buy tips, you live and you learn, now i know how and what kind of tips to buy. but if your just starting out on learning how to do tips these might be for you, but not for me, it’s not the quality(spl) it’s the long nail bed. sorry

Jen says:

You get what you pay for. They are cheap. But they work. When you cut/trim them, they crack right down the length of the nail. Shipping took a while, but thats understandable since they are coming from far away

Mary says:

perfect perfect for clear gel, or acrylic,or any kind of nails, looks natural and blend really good, I will recommend this product 100%

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