Gelish Basix Kit

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Gelish Basix Kit

The Gelish Basix Kit a complete package of the essential products necessary to properly apply Gelish from start to finish!

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Mrs. C says:

Worth every cent, learning curve to it …. (Updating recommendations, they are at the bottom)I bought the Gelish kit when it was on major sale (somewhere). I also bought a collection of polish colors. If I knew THEN how long-lasting a gel manicure is, I would not have amassed such a huge collection of regular polish! The gel manicures ROCK! [Update: Youtube “Gelly Sandwich” for videos on how to use regular polish with gel for quick-change color]When you first get this kit, don’t be shocked at how tiny everything is. I was really ticked off at first (because I didn’t read specifics when I bought it, thought I was getting full size products) but this is truly an intro-sized kit. Don’t be alarmed though, as there is plenty of product in the kit to get you through MANY manicures! I do both fingers and toes and the kit lasted a long time. You’ll use different amounts of products at a different pace, so just buy the components separately as you run out. You’ll even find some items are not truly necessary.You might find the instructions overwhelming at first, I would recommend you Youtube some instructional videos. There are hundreds of how-to videos on not only the basics of the gel manicure, but also special effects like french tips and nail art. You will be amazed at all you can do with the gel! Once you see the steps in action it makes reading through and utilizing the instruction manual much easier. Some kits have a mini-dvd; good luck with *that* thing. There are curing times listed on the back of the box.You’ll need, in addition to the kit: a UV or LED lamp, lint free nail polish removal pads, a microfine buffer, 70% alcohol would also be good. Updated note: SHAKE YOUR GEL POLISH WELL–all brands–before each use!UPDATED LAMP NOTES: I first bought a 32w UV light to use with this instead of the 9w that was sold by the place I got the Gelish set from. The 32w seemed to make the steps work in the amount of time suggested in the Gelish instructions. My first attempt, with the lower wattage 9v UV light, created some problems with bubbling and lifting. You can find 32w lights for about $25.00, no need to pay $200 or more so shop around. You might also want to get a larger light, not one that does one hand at a time, or you’ll really get fed up having to spend twice as long to get it done! You might want to buy a tube of broad-spectrum SPF hand cream also if you are concerned about the effects of the lamp on your skin. There are fingerless gloves sold that help block the rays also.NOTE: I have since found the UV light to be a less economical purchase. Not only does it take longer to process the gel, but you eventually have to replace the bulbs. As the bulbs age, you’ll start to notice issues with your nails. Most sites selling UV lamps professionally say you need to change them every ‘several years’. That, my friends, is hoo-ha!LED LIGHT: I recently purchased an LED light that is large enough for one whole hand, it was about $79 so that’s a good range if you can find it. I do not like the 4-finger portable LED lights or the battery operated ones. LED cuts cure time drastically, by about 2/3 or so. Get this if you want your gel manicure time to be dramatically slashed! Worth the cost, no replacement bulbs! This is the model I purchased, and the handy timer and choice for automatic on/off is FABULOUS! I didn’t pay this price though 😉 I have found that some gel colors can go 30 seconds, and some need a full minute each color layer. You’ll have to experiment, there is no one-size-cures-all timeframe and brands/colors differ. (so sorry ….)I got SIX WEEKS out of my gel manicure with pale or clear polishes. The interesting thing about the gel is how strong it is, how strong it makes your nails (I had to clip my nails to shorten them, they were so break-proof!). The gel is substantial yet flexible, so it moves with your nails (sometimes we accidentally hit them on things!). This stuff wears off rather than chipping, and after the sixth week I ended up peeling some off. After eight weeks I finally peeled more off, you’ll probably need to soak it with acetone to remove it. It peeled off my nails cleanly and with no damage but that was after a long time. When you remove it, your nails are not stunted and weak like they are with acrylic nails. It’s well worth the time to do a gel manicure on yourself and if you use a very light color you can go a long, long time without any noticeable dings! (Note, I’m not advocating PEELING it off, but if you have had it on so long that it’s ready to give up, that’s different. Otherwise you could damage your nails if you peel something that isn’t ready to let go yet)The only thing you won’t like about this product if you like…

TK "TK" says:

great value and better than opi gel nail polish kit I am a novice to the gel nail polish thing, but I bought the OPI starter kit with the polishes and it was difficult to work with, the polishes will very gooey, the brush was extremely narrow and it was very time consuming to prep the natural nail. So I decided to try this kit, it was a fraction of what I paid for the OPI gel nail polish kit. My nails turned out great, not a lot of prep and the color looked amazing. I only bought the starter kit and one other polish to get started but I am back to buy more polishes.

MrsJ2510 says:

Fantastic for DIY gel manicures This is awesome…worth every penny. The pamphlet inside gives pretty clear instructions and there was an instructional dvd in the box as well. I didn’t use the dvd since I had been researching it a lot online before I bought and I had seen some videos already. I got fantastic results using a 14 watt uv light I purchased on Amazon. I’m pretty good at diy beauty and enjoy it, I can see some people not taking their time or reading the instructions with this. For those who aren’t into this type of thing or don’t like to take their time, just pay the salon to do it for you. If you are into diy beauty, BUY IT!. One thing I wondered before buying was how many applications this mini kit would provide…the pamphlet inside says 15-20 applications which is an amazing savings (even with the purchase of a uv light) over the cost of a salon application. I have short small nails too so I’m guessing I will get closer to 20 applications out of it. Love, Love, Love it. I hope gelish comes out with more polish colors and/or polish color kits.

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