Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper

Pinned on March 24, 2013 at 5:27 pm by Evelyn Whorton

Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper

This stamper has 2 ends with different sizes and colours. Great when stamping small images or for childrens nails. The green stamper is ideal when using red special polish because the red image shows up better on the green stamper.

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twl8zn says:

Great Konad Stamper set and some stamping hints… Okay, first off: I am guilty of loving my stamping plates a whole lot. The scraper is fine to work with, although, the small grooves and holes in it collect nailpolish and need to be cleaned off every few swipes. IMO, an expired giftcard works just as well and is easier to clean off.Unfortunately, there are no cheap substitutes for the stamper. I suggest you guard it with your life. It is flexible and can mold itself onto the nail to ensure a proper image stamp. The double ended one is perfect for making small adjustment to the nail (eg: the plate image is too small to cover the entire nail) and you have to make a second ‘swipe’. The stamp end is about 1″ round. It cleans up beautifully with Acetone and after hundreds of cleanings, still looks new.Just an FYI, as I’ve been Konad’ing for a bit now, instead of the black “Konad Special Polish”, I have found (after trying 11 different products) that WET ‘N WILD black velvet nailpolish is the best. It costs less than $2 at CVS or WalMart and it is by far the best black out there. I’ve tried Orly, Chanel, and others, and none of them are this thick and black. Others are too sheer when you try to stamp them, or they simply don’t show up on a darker background. I like to do dark blue with a black argyle pattern on them. Looks great, just don’t forget your topcoat.Now, for the regular stamping polishes… what I have found is that any basecoat color is fine. Its when you need one to stamp with that you have to be careful. Don’t be fooled by others who say that ‘any nailpolish will stamp’. Well, yes it will, but it may be so faint that it will be a waste of your time. The best nailpolishes for stamping are ones that have some metallic in them. Sally Hansen Chrome nailpens are good, but expensive. I have found that the best stamping polishes are at WalMart. Yes, PURE ICE nailpolishs in ‘Outrageous’ and others stamp up beautifully. They are thick, quick drying and accurate. I only use the ones with a bit of ‘chrome-iness” to them. If you’re going to put a design on your nail, make it pop!For the White polish, Sally Hansen French Tip White is a good one. White is tricky. It almost has to be like ‘liquid paper’ to get it to work and look right.Good luck, fellow nail afficiandos!

nailfreak30sexy says:

Good product but it can be tricky One thing I want to say about this product, which as far as I know wasn’t in any of the reviews, if this is your first time buying a stamper, make sure you look at the tutorial on YouTube and also make sure that you FILE YOUR STAMPER before the first use!! I learned the hard way, I usually like to jump in feet first when doing things so after hours of trial and error, I finally watched a very informational video and got my stamper to work. I first assumed it was defective..lol, Im still learning how to stamp, but of course like all great things, it will get better with time.

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