SHANY 2012 Nail Art Polish Stamp Manicure Image Plates set of 25pcs

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SHANY 2012 Nail Art Polish Stamp Manicure Image Plates set of 25pcs

The original Shany image plates, designed and created by Shany, in set of 25 image plates, each plates measure about 1.8 inch with sanded edges for easy handling and protective nylon screen on each. All image plates are from stainless steel. All designs are from 2011 collection and you will get 25 image plates with 6 to 10 design on each. For easy instruction check the pictures to learn how easy it can be to put some art on your nail without going to salon. Shany image plate kit comes with Shany logo and trademark.

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Amazon Mom "Professional Mom" says:

Great deal on a great product I love these! They are high quality, and the image selection is awesome. There’s even a couple of images for each major holiday, which is a bonus because now I don’t need any holiday plates. I would suggest ignoring the negative review on this product which says the plates are scratched and the images are not deep enough to produce a stamped picture. The plates have a fine plastic cover on them that needs to be peeled off prior to the first use. And indeed the plastic cover does make the plates look scratched up, and the plates are impossible to use without removing that cover. Once the plastic is peeled off, you’ll find a mirror finish plate underneath with high quality images that work wonderfully.Bottom line, they work just as well as the name brand plates, with much less investment. Highly recommended!

cnc7 says:

It’s A Love Hate Relationship I have a love hate relationship with these plates. I love them because they do their job perfectly. The nail stamp comes out clear and detailed on your nails. Also these plates fit nicely into the Konad plate holder, if you already have one. I must admit I was a bit worried about that. Oh and the designs are amazing. You get a wide variety of designs from French to full nail to even some holiday designs.The reason why I hate them is because practically every time I use these I end up slicing my fingers on them. The plates are thin and sharp, so be extra careful when handling them, especially when you first take off that dreaded plastic coating that has no desire to come off nicely. Patience is needed here!Also to note these plates where so thin and sharp they ripped the original packaging. So when they arrived they were scattered throughout the box. Luckily they were all accounted for except I ended up with a duplicate plate. Normally I wouldn’t mind but this is plate #BM07 the one with the weed leaf. Clearly this design is not my cup of tea.

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