Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer

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Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer

Thermal spa professional u/v light gel dryer for beautiful manicures. with 45 watts of power reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications. made with heavy-duty steel construction for durability, with a sleek design.

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Stephanie Hodges "Arbonne girl" says:

Works for Shellac CND nails After reading the reviews, I purchased this UV dryer. I just wanted to leave a little more feedback on this dryer in regards to shellac nail polish. I bought this product to do my own nails. I am not a nail tech, but fully capable of doing my own nails. So here is what I did, I purchased the shellac scrub fresh nail prep, shellac UV base coat, shellac red barroness nail color, shellac UV top coat and this dryer all from Amazon sellers. Here is what I did step by step and it worked.1. Follow Shellac’s instruction on how to prep nails and use products-go to their website. I shape my nails and cuticles, then use scrub fresh to clean and dehydrate.2. SHAKE the UV base coat for two minutes and paint both hands! I didn’t shake well the the first time and the base coat and nail color came out too thick.3. I put nails under light to cure for 30 seconds. Nails will feel tacky (not dry) and this is normal. Has to do with oxygenation with curing.4. Shake color -paint one coat of color on both hands and put under light for two minutes-nails will feel tacky. This is normal.5. Shake color-paint second coat of color on both hands and put under light for two minutes-nails will feel tacky. This is normal.6. Shake top coat-paint top coat on nails-place under dryer for two minutes. Use 99% alcohol to remove tacky layer on top coat. I used 70% alcohol pads and this worked fine! A tiny bit of nail color streak came off on alcohol pad but I continued on removing tacky layer. When I was finished, nails were perfectly cured. Polish has been on for 10 days and still look brand new. If nails lose their shine due to lotion…-wife off with alcohol pad and they look brand new.7. When ready to take off-either soak off with 100%acetone on cotton balls with aluminum foil or soak fingers in acetone. I wouldn’t bother with the CND pad removers.Bottom line-this lamp works great for Shellac nails-no need to buy $200 plus one. You will read so many mixed reviews about why you shouldn’t be doing it yourself and using anything but the CND dryer, but this is what worked for me.Good Luck

Karen Webster "Happy to Serve" says:

Dynamite WOW it’s big. The two hander was the same price at the one hander so I got the two hander. It’s pretty honkin. My main complaint it that it only has 2 and 3 minute auto timer and I would really like a 1 minute which I think it claims to have) for doing the OPI Axxium. Works very well.UPDATE! 7 months later.Axxium is too hard to take off so I’ve started using CND Shellac. FANTASTIC, but don’t let them snow you that you need the “official” CND light. I use this bad boy and get two weeks of perfect wear out of my Shellac. Love this light. Also the OPI light is $200+ and you can only do 4 fingers at a time and thumb seperately. lame. LOVE THIS LIGHT

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